This baby sign language DVD covers everything you need to know to start signing with your baby including an extensive video dictionary of baby signs.

Baby Sign Language DVD

 Australian Sign Language
 English Subtitles

 Format: PAL
 Running Time: 25 mins


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Adorable Animations

The Sign and Learn cute animated signing babies clearly demonstrate over 100 signs. All signs are based on Auslan (Australian Sign Language) and easily referenced through the intuitive DVD menu. These lovable characters are sure to capture the interest of your baby or toddler too, so you can enjoy learning new signs together.

Fun and Interactive!

Test your baby signing skills using the fun baby signing quiz. Great fun for all ages as each question is narrated so your toddler can play along too.

Educational for Parents

The production quality of this DVD is outstanding while the content is well paced and easy to follow. As with all aspects of this DVD, the "Information for Parents and Carers" section is presented in a light-hearted way the whole family can enjoy.