Apps to Help You Learn to Baby Sign

Baby Sign and Learn App

Baby Sign and Learn

Recommended by speech therapists, the adorable animated babies make learning fun!

Baby Sign and Sing App

Baby Sign and Sing

Your baby or toddler will love signing along with the adorable animated babies.

Magic Camera App

Magic Camera App

Point the camera at a special flash card and watch the animated baby spring to life!

Why Teach Your Baby to Sign

One of the most fundamental human desires is to be understood, research has shown baby sign language can reduce frustration for babies and parents by providing a means for babies to communicate before their vocal cords have developed for speech.

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Baby Sign and Learn Products

Baby Sign and Learn App

Hooray for Baby Sign Language! DVD

Everything you need to start signing with your baby including an extensive video dictionary.

Baby Sign and Sing App

Baby Sign and Learn Flash Cards

This set of Auslan flash cards can help make teaching your baby to sign lots of fun.

Baby Sign Language Book

Hooray for Baby Sign Language! Book

This easy to follow book provides comprehensive information about baby signing.

How To Teach Your Baby to Sign

Teaching your baby to sign is as easy as teaching them to wave bye-bye or blow kisses. Babies are natural mimics so there is no requirement to subject your baby to structured lessons or special training.

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What Parents Are Saying

...the layout of your app is amazing to say the least and my one year old who already knows some signs was so into the babies signing instead of the adult that we see in most videos and other apps.

Victoria B.

Watch Baby Signing in Action!

At 11 months old my daughter really enjoyed showing off her signing skills!